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SR/WA Review Study Session & Exam 03.04.25 -- VIRTUAL CLASS (CH. 4)

  • To register for this session, please submit a completed registration form to Breyonna Threats, at IRWA HQ - Phone: (310) 538-0233 Ext. 151 / Fax: (310) 538-1471 / Email:
Start Date:  04 March 2025
End Date:   06 March 2025
No. of Days:  3 days
Class Time:  8am Pacific
Member - $565.00 USD
Non-Member - $710.00 USD
Exam Fee:  $100.00 USD

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OPTION 2 - Black and White Materials = $30
Tuition may be paid by credit card to IRWA Headquarters in U.S. Dollars. 

Sponsored By: Chapter 4

Course Description:  SR/WA Review Study Session & Exam 

Newrow Conference Call
Participant Capacity: 20 
Start Time: 8am Pacific

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