Mark A. Green Award for Excellence in Journalism (Discontinued) Archive


(6 years and older information)
The Mark A. Green Award is presented annually for excellence in journalism to the author of an article - or series of articles - published in the Right of Way magazine.

Articles are judged by the INEC on originality, writing style, relevance, research/analysis and overall dissemination of information to readers. Contributors to Right of Way magazine are experts in fields such as appraisal, engineering, environmental, relocation, surveying, transportation, asset management, land acquisition and real estate law.

The award is presented at the Annual Conference Awards Luncheon. Award materials are funded and issued by the Right of Way International Education Foundation.

Nicholas Anitsakis and Edwin Trapp

“Shedding Light on Electric Transmission Lines” Right of Way Magazine, March/April 2012

Past Recipients


Alan C. Morganfield, SR/WA with Assistance of Charles Carpenter, Esq.
"The Zigs and Zags of Legal Descriptions." (January/February 2008)

Lisa Barnes, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
"A House Divided: Relocating Multiple Occupants" (November/December 2007)

Kate Harvey, Merrick Hoben, Nick Papadopoulis
"Downed Lines: Best Practice for Improving Wireless Telecommunications Disputes" (November/December 2006)

Dean Chapman, SR/WA, MAI, SRA
"Transmission Lines & Industrial Property Values" (November/December 2005)

Larry S. Stevens, SR/WA, Chapter - Region 1,
"The Main Street of America" (November/December 2004)

Kioren D. Moss, MAI, Chapter 47 - Region 1,
"Understanding Conservation Easement Valuation" (March/April 2003)

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