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304 When Public Agencies Collide 11.16.23 -- VIRTUAL CLASS (CH. 63) -- CANCELLED

Start Date: 11/16/2023
End Date: 11/16/2023
No. of Days: 1 day
Course Level: Intermediate
CEU Credits: 8.00
Class Time:   8am Eastern

Tuition: $265.00 Member / $330.00 Non-Member

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Sponsored By:   Chapter 29

Course Description: 304 When Public Agencies Collide

Brian Taylor, B.A. , SR/WA, AACI, is the National Real Property Manager for Natural Resources Canada. His portfolio of properties includes a wide variety of office, laboratory and research sites in some remote extremes of Canada. He has over 20 years experience working on behalf of the Government of Canada including Commercial Lease Negotiation, Acquisition & Disposal of real property, Valuation & Appraisal, Portfolio & Asset Strategies, and Investment Analysis. In addition to his day to day professional experience, Brian has been teaching Real Estate and Right of Way education, along with Leadership and Communications training across Canada and around the world. Active in a variety of committees and roles, he is a past Region chair for Western and Northern Canada, and is a member of the executive team for the Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation.
Tracey Larkin
Phone:  (613) 806-6469
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Start Time:  8am Eastern

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