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SR/WA (CANADA) Review Study Session & Exam 05.17.21 INSTRUCTOR-LED VIRTUAL CLASS

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  • PLEASE NOTE: Online registration is not available for the SR/WA Review Study Session, as all participants must be confirmed as active candidates for the SR/WA Designation.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The International Governing Council approved the International Credentialing Committee's recommendation to allow SR/WA candidates under the new industry programs to take the SR/WA Review and Study Session and Comprehensive Exam for accreditation.
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Start Date:  17 May 2021
End Date:   19 May 2021
No. of Days:  3 days
Class Time:  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EASTERN TIME)
Member - $754.84 CAD ($565.00 USD) + 13% GST/HST
Non-Member - $948.56 CAD ($710.00USD) + 13% GST/HST
Exam Fee:  $133.60 CAD ($100.00 USD)

Tuition may be paid by cheque to IRWA Headquarters in Canadian Dollars.
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Sponsored By:  IRWA Headquarters

Course Description:  SR/WA Review Study Session & Exam (Canadian)

Gordon E. MacNair, SR/WA, AACI, P.App, is an Infrastructure Real Estate Consultant who specializes in right of way matters. Up until July 2019, Gord was the Director, Corporate Real Estate Office for the City of Ottawa whose team was responsible for all real estate disciplines including acquisitions/expropriations, disposals, leasing, valuation, land management, and strategic real property initiatives for the City of Ottawa. As well, he was instrumental in creating the Environmental Remediation Unit in 2001 which he oversaw until his recent retirement. Gord is a facilitator for a number of organizations including the AIC, IRWA, BOMI/BOMA and has facilitated various types of seminars across Canada and the U.S. on all facets of right of way. He has published a number of infrastructure real estate articles in both the Canadian Property Valuation and the Right of Way magazines. Gord is also a past recipient of the Balfour Award and Instructor of the Year Award who also served as a Past International President for the International Right of Way Association.
Janeth Huab
City of Mississauga
300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, ON  L5C 3B4
Phone:  (905) 615-3200 x3891
Newrow Conference Call
Participant Capacity:  20 
Start Time: 8am Eastern Time

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