Alternative Dispute Resolution

203 – Alternative Dispute Resolution: Provides the skills necessary to reach lasting, fair settlements when challenges arise in the negotiation process.

Course Number: C203
Course Title: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Course Level: Intermediate
IRWA Credits: 16 QEU / CEU
AQB Credits: Non Applicable

Not applicable


Course Description

This course provides the right of way professional with information regarding alternate methods to resolve negotiation disputes. Participants will learn how to identify different alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods and how to recognize each method’s strengths and weaknesses. Participants will also learn how to bust through deadlock, how to save money when negotiations are not successful, and how to avoid getting involved in court proceedings.


  • New SR/WA: An intermediate elective course that can be applied towards the RWP certification. 
  • Industry: An intermediate course that is required for the Oil & Gas Pipeline and Transportation Industry pathways for the SR/WA designation. It can also be applied towards the Generalist pathway for the RWP certification.
  • Specialist: An intermediate elective course that can be applied towards the R/W-AMC, R/W-EC and R/W-NAC certifications.


  • The “Getting to Yes” dispute resolution principles
  • How to identify sources for, and exampled of objective criteria to resolve disputes
  • The relationship between ADR and eminent domain/expropriation
  • How to employ processes and procedures to succeed at ADR
  • How to bust through deadlock
  • How to minimize financial loss when negotiation is not successful

  • Course Tuition Includes

    • Participant Manual
    Recommended Materials
    • Successful Communication and Negotiation Textbook (separate purchase; available through IRWA's Publication Store)
    • Getting to Yes – Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In Textbook, by Roger Fisher and William Ury, Penguin Books (separate purchase; available through, or other retail outlets)

    Required Material

    Non Applicable

    Who Should take this course

    This course is intended for right of way professionals who want a better understanding of ways to reach settlement when the negotiation process is not successful.


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