Adult Communication Principles and Methods

219 – Adult Communication Principles and Methods: Introduces three primary methods to communicate effectively with any type of audience you may encounter and provides the necessary tools to improve your daily communication skills.

Course Number: C219
Course Title: Adult Communication Principles and Methods
Course Level: Intermediate
IRWA Credits: 16 QEU / CEU
AQB Credits: Non Applicable


Course Description

Course Description:

This course provides participants with an understanding of presenting, instructing and facilitating; an opportunity to develop or enhance presentation, instruction and facilitation skills; personal and professional development, and a venue during which to assess personal skills and abilities before expressing an interest in becoming an IRWA Instructor or a Conference presenter. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have learned about, developed, and demonstrated presentation, instruction and facilitation techniques.


     •.  New SR/WA: A required intermediate course for the RWP certification
     •   Industry: An elective course that can be applied towards all four pathways in the Industry-Specific Pathways
     •   Specialist: An elective course for the R/W-AMC and R/W-NAC programs


At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
• Describe three different methods of communication: presentation, instruction, and facilitation;
• Understand the differences between each method and when to use them; and
• Demonstrate these three methods of communication.

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Who Should take this course

The course is intended for individuals who want to develop or enhance their presentation, instruction and facilitation skills.


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