Environmental Due Diligence and Liability

604 – Environmental Due Diligence and Liability:
An overview of the environmental due diligence process and the liabilities associated with purchasing property. 

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Environmental Due Diligence and Liability

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1 day – 8 AM to 5 PM

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IRWA Course 600 “Environmental Awareness” (or equivalent), or have an environmental background



Course Description

This course provides the right of way professional with an understanding of the environmental due diligence components. Participants learn to recognize when a due diligence report should be ordered, as well as how reports should be analyzed.

  • New SR/WA: An intermediate elective course that can be applied towards the RWP certification or SR/WA designation. 
  • Industry:  An intermediate course that is required for the Generalist, Oil & Gas Pipeline and Electric & Utilities pathways for the SR/WA designation. It can also be applied towards the Transportation pathway for the RWP certification.
  • Innocent Purchaser Defense
  • ASTM Phase I ESA standard
  • EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiry” rule
  • Educate attendees about other components of environmental due diligence
  • Guidance on how to order due diligence services and establish expectations
  • Illustrate how to analyze the reports and their impacts on the proposed project

Course Tuition includes

  • Participant Manual

Who should take this course

This course is recommended for right of way professionals who have some environmental background, are actively involved in right of way projects, and may encounter environmental issues during their normal duties (e.g., acquisition/relocation, appraisal).

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