Principles of Real Estate Law

800 – Principles of Real Estate Law: Focuses on assisting right of way agents in collaborating with property owners and attorneys on the subjects of contract law, specific contracts relating to real estate, tort law, land use controls and environmental matters, and laws applicable to condominiums and common ownership communities. 

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Principles of Real Estate Law

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2 days – 8 AM to 5 PM Daily

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16 QEU / CEU


IRWA Course 100 “Principles of Land Acquisition” (or equivalent) 



Course Description
This course is designed to build on the basics of real estate law provided by Course 100 “Principles of Land Acquisition” and to assist right of way agents, property managers and others in collaborating with property owners and attorneys. This introductory level course provides novice employees dealing with real estate issues with basic right of way information and experienced employees with a broader perspective on legal issues and applicable law.
  • Industry:  A core course that is required for all 4 pathways in the RWP program.
  • Specialist:  Required course for the R/W-AMC Program; an elective for the R/W-NAC program.
  • Real property law overview
  • Contract law, introduction to contract law, types of contracts, elements of a contract, termination and discharge of contracts
  • Specific real estate contracts, purchase and sale agreement, commercial lease easement agreements, agency agreements
  • Tort law in general, specific torts relating to real estate
  • Land use controls introduction, restrictive covenants, planning legislation, environmental regulation
  • Condominium/common ownership interests introduction, creation of the interest, repair and insurance rights and duties of owners, comparative advantages and disadvantages of various types of ownership

Course Tuition includes

  • Participant Manual
  • Real Estate Dictionary
Who should take this course
This course is designed for right of way professionals and individuals who need a broader perspective on real estate legal issues and applicable laws that pertain to right of way acquisition and property management.

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