Principles of Real Estate Engineering

900 – Principles of Real Estate Engineering: An introduction to the basic principles of engineering within the right of way profession; provides insight into the information contained in engineering plans as well as the practical applications of engineering tools.

Course Number: C900
Course Title: Principles of Real Estate Engineering
Course Level: Core
IRWA Credits: 16 QEU / CEU
AQB Credits: Non Applicable

IRWA Course 100 “Principles of Land Acquisition” (or equivalent), or have a minimum of two years right of way engineering experience


Course Description

This two-day, beginning-level course introduces participants to the basic principles of engineering drawings. By the end of this course, participants will be able to understand and interpret engineering drawings, use an engineer’s scale, determine the engineering effects of a project on a property, understand the background and become knowledgeable about the most common systems and methods of property descriptions, and be able to write and plot property descriptions using various methods.


  • New SR/WA: A core course that is required for the RWA certification. 
  • Industry: A core course that is required in all 4 pathways for the RWP certification.


  • Understanding the basic principles of engineering drawings
  • Understanding and interpreting information on plans
  • Using an engineer’s scale to determine distances
  • Identifying types of highway curves
  • Determining the effects of a project on a property
  • Understanding the background of property descriptions
  • Become knowledgeable of the basic features of property descriptions
  • Become familiar with the most common systems and methods of property descriptions
  • Writing and plotting property descriptions using various methods

Course Tuition Includes

  • Learning Guide
  • Exercise Answers
  • Engineering tools (engineering scale, protractor and straight edge)

Required Material

  • Financial calculator
  • Mechanical pencil

Who Should take this course

This course is designed for the novice or new non-engineer employee but is also a valuable refresher course for experienced agents.


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