Principles of Real Estate Appraisal – Canadian

400C – Principles of Real Estate Appraisal - Canadian: An introduction to the principles of real estate and real property valuation combining theory, case studies and problem-solving.  

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Principles of Real Estate Appraisal – Canadian

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2 days – 8 AM to 5 PM Daily

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16 QEU / CEU


Not applicable



Course Description

This course enables participants to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the valuation process and its components. Two case studies (residential and commercial) are utilized throughout the course.
At the conclusion of this two-day course, participants will be able to:
  • Express an understanding of basic real estate terms and principles.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the valuation process and its components.
  • Discuss the definitions of, and steps in, each of the three approaches to value (cost, sales comparison and income capitalization).
  • Solve problems that show an understanding of the three approaches to value.


  • Industry: A core course that is required for all 4 pathways in the RWP program.
  • Specialist: Required course for the R/W-AC program.


  • Types and uses of appraisal
  • Types of value
  • Area and site analysis
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Sales comparison approach
  • Reconciliation and final value determination
  • Introduction to partial acquisitions
  • Economic principles
  • The appraisal process
  • Market analysis
  • Cost approach
Course Tuition includes
  • Participant Manual
  • Canadian USPAP (the "Standards")
Required Material
  • Financial calculator

Who should take this course

This course is ideal for new appraisers, for individuals contemplating entering the appraisal field and for experienced appraisers in need of a refresher course.

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