Expropriation Law Basics for the Right of Way Professional

803C – Expropriation Law Basics for the Right of Way Professional: Basic principles of expropriation law relating to procedures and compensation as established by provincial and federal expropriation legislation.  

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Expropriation Law Basics for the Right of Way Professional

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2 days – 8 AM to 5 PM Daily

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16 QEU / CEU


IRWA Course 100C “Principles of Land Acquisition - Canadian” or IRWA Course 800C “Principles of Real Estate Law – Canadian” (or equivalents)



Course Description
This course enables participants to gain knowledge of the purpose of expropriation powers, as an integral part of a project, and understand the role of the right of way professional from the development of the project, to the resolution of all compensatory claims resulting from expropriation.

  • New SR/WA: An intermediate elective course that can be applied towards the SR/WA designation. 
  • Industry: An intermediate course that is required in the Transportation Pathway for the SR/WA designation and an elective course that can be applied in the Oil & Gas Pipeline and Electric & Utilities Pathways for the SR/WA designation.
  • Specialist: An intermediate elective course that can be applied towards the R/W-NAC certification.
  • Expropriation Law: Historical basis, overview of legislation, comparative analysis of provincial and federal legislation
  • Project planning; property acquisition prior to expropriation
  • Procedures prior to registration of plan of expropriation
  • Procedures subsequent to registration
  • Compensation: Overview, historical allowances, intent of legislation, procedures
  • Market Value: Definition, highest and best use, approaches to determining market value, additions to market value
  • Injurious Affection: Definition, application where no land taken, methods of valuation, set off for betterment
  • Disturbance Damages: Special difficulties in relocating, commercial relocation, non-relocation, business loss, damages incurred prior to expropriation
  • Interests and Costs
  • Deemed Expropriation
Course Tuition includes
  • Participant Manual
Who should take this course

This course is intended for right of way professionals who are involved in projects requiring the acquisition of property rights and who desire a background in the use of expropriation powers to affect such acquisitions. This course is ideally suited to those individuals involved in projects, which apply to the federal and provincial expropriation legislation.

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